Robin Hood Energy - Frequently asked questions

No, we’ll make sure your energy supply continues as normal without any interruptions throughout the whole process. You won't notice a thing.

Yes. You'll remain on the same price and terms and conditions as you were previously on.

Don't worry, we’ll transfer any existing credit balance that you had with your previous supplier to your new British Gas account. We just need a few weeks to sort it out.

Any debt you had with your previous supplier will be transferred over to us. We'll work with your business to manage accordingly.

We recommend that you wait until we finish setting up your British Gas account before you consider switching to another supplier. That’s because if you switch before then, any refund you may be owed from your old supplier could take longer to reach you. Don’t worry, we'll let you know as soon as we’ve finished setting up your account – this usually takes around two weeks.

Yes, your transfer should go ahead as normal and you'll hear from your new supplier soon. If not, you can start your switch again as soon as your account is fully set up. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you any exit fees.

No, your old supplier won’t be able to fit your new smart meter. But we can help you take control of your energy with a smart meter from British Gas. Find out more

We’ll just automatically move your payment details over to us and you won’t have to do anything.

If you have a complaint, we may be able to help you. Visit our complaints page here and we'll show you all your options.

If you have a dual supply with us, we’ll bill you separately for your Electricity and Gas supply. Any outstanding or final balance details from Robin Hood Energy will be split 50/50 on your bill respectively.

We'll be in touch soon to explain next steps

We'll contact you by your preferred method of communication explaining next steps. We'll also ask you to confirm your details so we can make sure it’s a smooth transition to us.